National Young Writers’ Festival 2013

Jessie will be appearing on two panels at the National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle this long weekend, the 3rd – 6th of October, 2013.

Why Write?

The written word is being/has been superseded by the visual and the aural. Is this even a bad thing? Or will capital W writing always have its place?

With Sam Cooney, Chris Somerville, and A.H. Cayley

Friday October 4, 2.30pm-3.30pm. Watt Street Church.

An Isolating Endeavour

Writing is often called an isolating business, but what about when you live in a regional or peripheral area? Does space and solitude equal better productivity, or is there something to be said for having easy access to a community of other writers?

With Alysha Herrmann, Summer Land, and Lachlan Brown

See the NYWF website for details.

Friday October 4, 4pm–5pm. Blue Write Disco @ The Kensington


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