Ubud Writers’ & Readers’ Festival 2013

Jessie will be appearing at the Ubud Writers’ & Readers’ Festival in 2013, 11th – 15th October.

This October, the Festival will welcome more than 170 brilliant writers, performers, artists, musicians and visionaries to the magical setting of Ubud, to speak across all forms of storytelling – from travel writing to songwriting, plays, poetry, comedy and graphic novels.

Jessie is appearing In

  • It’s All Part of the Process

Process is a very personal thing. What do you do when your words don’t fall out of your head & onto the page? Hear from four writers on their writing process & what works for them.

  • You’re a Character

Is it you, is it me, is it them… & whose story is it anyway? From fact or fiction, characterisation isn’t always easy. Take a look at how these writers approach character development.

  • Sex in Words

50 Shades, blah, blah, blah… women writing on sex isn’t new, but how is it changing? When it comes to the intimate, are women better sex writers than men?

Check the Ubud Festival website for details:

National Young Writers’ Festival 2013

Jessie will be appearing on two panels at the National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle this long weekend, the 3rd – 6th of October, 2013.

Why Write?

The written word is being/has been superseded by the visual and the aural. Is this even a bad thing? Or will capital W writing always have its place?

With Sam Cooney, Chris Somerville, and A.H. Cayley

Friday October 4, 2.30pm-3.30pm. Watt Street Church.

An Isolating Endeavour

Writing is often called an isolating business, but what about when you live in a regional or peripheral area? Does space and solitude equal better productivity, or is there something to be said for having easy access to a community of other writers?

With Alysha Herrmann, Summer Land, and Lachlan Brown

See the NYWF website for details.

Friday October 4, 4pm–5pm. Blue Write Disco @ The Kensington


Sydney Writers’ Festival 2013

Jessie will be appearing as part of the Blue Mountains Program of the SWF on Monday the 20th of May in a panel entitled Landscapes of Love and Loss.

“Jessie Cole (Darkness on the Edge of Town), Berndt Sellheim (Beyond the Frame’s Edge) and Yvette Walker (Letters to the End of Love), each in their own fresh and original voices, explore themes of love, loss and redemption. Hear three of Australia’s brightest new literary talents discuss their debut novels, with fellow author Catherine Therese.”

For more information and ticketing click here.

Dobbie Literary Award Longlist 2013

Jessie has been longlisted for the Dobbie Literary Award for her novel Darkness on the Edge of Town.  This award aims to encourage the work of first-time published Australian women writers of both fiction and nonfiction.

Chair of the judging panel, Brigid Rooney, stated: ‘2013 is a particularly strong year for Australian women writers, so much so that we felt it important to recognise the full longlist … and ensure the writers get the recognition they deserve.’

To see a full list of all the longlisted authors click here.

Gold Coast Literati 2013

Jessie will be taking part in the Gold Coast Literati on Friday the 17th of May. See her chat with Kari Gislason about writing memoirs and gritty fiction from the heart, avoiding sentimentality, and still making readers cry, on a panel aptly named Everybody Hurts.

Or attend the Literary Feast with Jessie and 13 other authors that night at the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

Click here for details.

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